This company was established in 1962, first named "WU-CHOU SPRAYER PROCESS AND FIX FACTORY", developing and self-making various stainless steel manual sprayers for agricultural and horticultural usages. Our major businesses were retail sales, maintenance, domestic wholesale, and export.

  In 1977, the company implemented the branch " AI HAO AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS CO., LTD." and expanded the scope of main products. By the basis of many years' experiences in selling and maintaining every kind of Japanese agricultural machines and by the criterion of creation, we started developing different machines and tools used in agriculture farming and environmental sterilization. We also set a record for the three first-made products in the Taiwanese agriculture machine history:

A. (1986) The knapsack power sprayer series. (808 series)
B. (1997) The knapsack power duster & mist blower series. (AH series)
C. (1999) The resin knapsack manual sprayer series. (2000 series)

Each product was awarded confirmation from multinational patents.

  We will work harder to develop and improve different types of agricultural machines. By applying special features with modern styles, we will continuously have breakthroughs in techniques, promote qualities and make agricultural machines to be applied not only in agriculture, but also in various other realms to meet users' work needs and pursue the aggressive target of convenience and head into the principle of multi-field management.